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Twin-screw extruder doubles bioplastics capacity
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With the new blending line of KraussMaffei Berstorff, the German bioplastics company Tecnaro doubled its bioplastics capacity at the Ilsfeld-Auenstei production site.

Tecnaro has long focused on the development and production of bioplastics, preparing for the growing market demand for customized bioplastics to ensure cost-effective mass production.


Techno specializes in the processing of recyclable materials in plastics for industrial use. Techno produces bioplastic compounds by using a twin-screw extruder.


Techno's newly installed line is the ZE BASIC 62 twin-screw extruder with a maximum output rate of 800 kg/h. This extruder will double Techno's capacity every year.


The new extruder has doubled our bioplastics capacity and will play a decisive role in the company's growth,” said Jürgen Pfitzer, CEO of Tecnaro. He firmly believes that after about 100 years, petroleum-based plastics will almost disappear, and the demand for bioplastics will continue to grow in the future.


Designed for standard applications


The ZE Basic series of twin-screw extruders are universal machines for 80% plasticizing, filling and reinforcement applications without any major equipment adjustments.


The series consists of four different sizes of heads with diameters ranging from 42 mm to 77 mm and output efficiencies of up to 3 metric tons per hour. The outer diameter/inner diameter ratio is 1.55 and the torque is 10.5 Nm/cm.


Like other KraussMaffei Bertosov twin-screw extruders, this range of extruders allows for the adjustment of machined parts and screw shapes to specific machining requirements

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