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  • Injection molding machines are commonly used in the plastic machinery industry. It is the main molding equipment for thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using plastic molding dies to make plastic products of various shapes. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all-electric. The injection molding machine heats the plastic and applies a high pressu
  • European Plastics and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers Association Europmap warned that global plastics and rubber machinery are expected to show a strong upward trend in 2018, but the overall growth of orders may gradually slow down.The association said in a statement on June 15th: "There is no end to this growth. Euromap expects European plastics a
  • Eighty years ago, the plastics machinery industry had an exciting event – the first twin-screw extruder that could make polymers and process them was born! Now eighty years have passed, twin-screw extrusion The machine has been widely used in many fields such as PVC pipe, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry. After years of experience accumul
  • With the new blending line of KraussMaffei Berstorff, the German bioplastics company Tecnaro doubled its bioplastics capacity at the Ilsfeld-Auenstei production site.Tecnaro has long focused on the development and production of bioplastics, preparing for the growing market demand for customized bioplastics to ensure cost-effective mass production.&
  • As the name suggests, the plastic sheet production line uses plastic as the main raw material to produce plastic sheet production line equipment. Its raw materials include almost all plastics such as PVC, PP, PE, PC, ABS, HIBS and so on. Plastic sheets have the unique advantages of plastic polymer materials, such as light weight, corrosion resistan
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